Edit Swipe Editions

The workflow for editing a Swipe Edition is like editing a Front Page, with only a few key differences. These key differences are laid out below. For basic editing options, please refer to Edit Front Pages section.

Getting started

Find your product from "Products" in the left-hand menu. Press "ADD EDITION" to create a new. Provide the desired name and press "SAVE"-button. You should now see the screen below with a full list on the left, an empty list 2nd from the left.

If the preview on the far right is not visible, press the icon in the top right corner of the screen to reveal it. Drag and drop articles from the leftmost column into the second column from the left, to curate your edition. Press "SAVE" to update the preview.

If you need to edit the title, the summary or change the teaser-picture for any article, click the relevant article in the 2nd column and edit its contents in the 3rd column.

Workspace when editing a Swipe Edition


While Front Page editions are usually published multiple times a day with content added and removed, Swipe Editions are usually a products of finite length and where a new edition is regularly created and published. This means you'll be more likely of using the "Publish for the first time"-feature with Swipe Editions.

Click the DRAFT button, as shown below, which exposes the modal also shown below.

If the Swipe Edition is ready for publishing right now, you can set it live immediately. Just use the green button PUBLISH.

Or you can select "Schedule for later", set the time and date, and press the orange SCHEDULE button. When SCHEDULE has been pressed, you can safely exit DrEdition, and the Swipe Edition will automatically get published at the specified time and date by DrEdition.