Edit Print Editions

Page plan

Editing a print edition is similar to editing a Front page or a Swipe edition, the main difference being that you are working directly with the page plan preview, and not via edition lists — as shown in the illustration below.

Page plan

The white column on the left is the content source where your articles and your ads will be available for use. Use drag and drop onto pages.

When the edition is done, you can click the "Archive Edition" button in order to set in motion processes such as sending PDFs to the archive, to e-paper distribution and similar.

Change page template

Hover a page and use the page context menu, or press "T" to preview all available page templates. You may filter for page templates for left, right or spread. Click the one you need.

Page templates

Manage pages and send to print

You may manage a page's status, properties and ultimately send it to print via each page's contextual status menu. Before sending to print, the page PDF will need to be created — use shortcut "C" to generate or disable the PDF. After generating the PDF you will also see pagination and the rest of the page folio.

Pages that are sent to print may also be un-approved again.

Additional pages may be added to the end of the edition. Pages can be swapped or moved (hold the 'alt'-key while dragging) as long as pages further back have not been sent to print already.

Copy editing

If you need to edit the article, hover the article and press shortcut "E". The proper article editor (i.e. DrPublish) will then open in a browser tab. When you save your changes new automated layouts with the new copy will soon be available in the page plan.

You will currently not be notified that a new version of the copy is available in the page plan. To use the new copy on the page, you will need to update the page. Do that by hovering the page in the page plan and press the "R" shortcut.

DrPublish has a print preview plugin which will show the article you are writing rendered on the print page.

DrPublish print preview

Article layout

For most articles on a print page, there will be multiple layouts to choose from. Press 'space'-key on a page in the page plan in order to see all available variations. Use mouse (or up/down arrows) to preview different layout proposals available in the leftmost column. Press 'space' again to go back to page plan, or arrow keys left/right to navigate to next/previous page.

Article layout selector modal


If you need to pan/zoom the image, rewrite the title or adjust/move an on-page component, hover the page and press the shortcut "O" to open the LayoutPreview editor in a separate browser-tab (Firefox required). Edit, and press save when you are done, and the page will automatically update in the page plan. You may close the LayoutPreview browser tab after saving.


If you select an on-page component (such as title) you will also be presented with editing options for that component. Which options you have depends on your setup of each component. Components are set up by Aptoma, and are specifically designed to give you the level of editing freedom your design policy allows.


The front page

You can not yet edit the print front page in DrEdition (currently only digital front pages are supported). Your front page will need to be manually edited separately using i.e. Indesign. When done, save as PDF and drag and drop the PDF-version of the front page onto a page in the page plan that supports PDF.

Add a PDF as the front page

Page items that allow PDF-upload may also be used for parts of the page.

ETA for front page editing support in Print editions, is January 2020.

Understanding automated layouts

Not seeing all expected layouts in DrEdition print page plan?

When you are working in the page plan and zooming (shortcut: space-key) to see one specific article's layouts, you may not alwas find all layouts you expect. There are two main reasons for this.

If you expected more layouts to choose from here

1 - The article does not have the required data

If an article manuscript (i.e. from DrPublish) have no fact-box, and the LayoutPreview template requires a fact-box, the article template will not be used to produce a layout.

How to fix? Make the fact-box optional in the layout (recommended) or create a new similar LayoutPreview article template without a fact-box component.

Press the optional on fact-box to make the tempalate more flexible.

2 - Too much content to fit on the layout

The article manuscript may have all the required data, but the article content may be too long.

How to fix (a - recommended): Write a shorter manuscript, use a different template, or swap page template to give the article more space on the page.

How to fix (b - advanced and time consuming): Alternatively you may go into manual mode in LayoutPreview to manually adapt the layout to the article manuscript. See instructions below.

  1. Go to https://YOUR_ACCOUNT.layoutpreview.aptoma.no/ and enter the article ID. Choose the desired format (height)

  2. Locate the template you are missing on the left hand side. (While in manual mode in LayoutPreview, you will be able to use templates that cannot fit all text.)

  3. Check if the article content overflows the layout.

  4. If the template allows, remove one or more layout components (click trash-can) to make text fit.

  5. If the layout still can't fit all of the article text, it is not meant to be. Write a shorter manuscript and re-import the text to LayoutPreview (5), or use a separate format (height) or template for the article. (5)