Edit Front Pages


‚ÄčThis video shows a quick introduction to the overall workflow in a succession of steps without explanation. Refer to the texts below to get more insight into each step.

Screen grab from video

Import content to edition

Make sure you've opened an edition for editing (read this if you don't know how). Then start adding content to your edition. Simply drag an item from the first white column to the second. (See "Setup workspace" for explanation of each column in DrEdition).

Green articles in first column are already added to the edition, and since DrEdition does not allow duplicates in the edition list, they cannot be added again. Click "Hide x imported items" to hide those you have already added.

Import by dragging from first to second white column.

Saving and publishing

Use these two buttons. Only the green one will publish changes for readers to see. SAVE saves a draft which only DrEdition editors can see.

Undo/redo and retrieve older versions

If you need to undo/redo use ctrl-z and ctrl-y, or the corresponding buttons (illustration below). If you need access to previous versions of the Front Page, use the drop-down besides undo/redo:

Unro/redo and dropdown showing revisions of the Front Page.

Source and target editions

If one or more editions have been set up to target your front page, you will find them on top of the leftmost column while editing the front page. From here, you can also add items to the source edition from the import list, or move items off the target edition and back to the source edition.

If you want to edit the item data of the source edition, you can switch to that edition using the pencil icon.

Scheduled items

When editing items in a source edition, you have the option of scheduling when the item will be added to the target edition, including at which position it will be added. You may also set that it should be pinned to that position.

If there's already an item pinned at that position, the existing item will be unpinned. If you don't set it to pin at the position, and there is already a pinned item at that position, the new item will added at the next unpinned position.

You may also schedule an item update. If an item in the source edition is already present in the target edition, its data and position will be updated. This can be used to for example remove a "breaking news" label.

Processing scheduled items

The processing of scheduled items only happens when the edition is in automation mode, enabled by the "Play"-button.