First screen

Use the left hand menu to navigate DrEdition. Settings and log-out are also located in the left hand menu.

The Dashboard is the main screen after logging in, and it has some shortcuts and overview. The dashboard appearance is personalised and will vary from user to user according to your recent use and which Products you have been granted access to. To get started quickly, click a product in "My Products" and open an edition from there and jump to "Setup Workspace" in this manual.

Pay close attention to the release notes section of Dashboard if you are interested in what is new in DrEdition.

The Dashboard

Click a product under "My Products" to get started or open "Products" from the left hand menu. If there's been any activity on this product, you should be met with one or more editions in that product (one or more editions).

List of Editions in a Product.

Click the edition you'd like to edit, and then proceed to next step in user-manual: Setup workspace.


Located at DrEdition: "Products"

Use the filtering mechanism by product type or name if you have access to many products.