Last updated 7 months ago

Located at DrEdition: "Settings" -> "Webhooks"

You can register web hooks that will be called whenever a published edition is updated. A web hook can be added as default for all products, or it can be added to a single or many products.

Web hooks are managed in the Settings page and on the edit product page.

We will make a POST request to the url you specify, with the following payload:

"data": {
"product": {
"id": "{productId}",
"name": "{productName}",
"productType": "{productType}"
"edition": {
"id": "{editionId}",
"name": "{editionName}"
"renderedLayout": {
"css": "https://smooth-storage.aptoma.no/users/user/files/edition-layouts/edition-id/2017/05/15/HJ735WvxZ/styles.css",
"html": "https://smooth-storage.aptoma.no/users/user/files/edition-layouts/edition-id/2017/05/15/HJ735WvxZ/layout.html"

You can also register additional headers that you want to include in the request.

You should respond with a 2xx status, or you will see repeated requests.