Swipe Editions

Article data

In addition to a standard DrEdition content source, Swipe editions fetch and render content for individual articles. The data must be made available over an HTTPS endpoint with a JSON response from a GET request. We support custom HTTP headers and path/query parameters as needed.

The JSON response should include structured data, which Aptoma will use to create the article markup. There are few strict requirements, but it's very helpful if any images are provided with custom resize options (preferred) or alternatively in multiple sizes. We'll assemble the markup with title, sections, lead asset/captions, etc, as well the main body.

In order to best render the body content for Swipe Editions, it's preferable that the body is split into structured parts, with images, fact-boxes, embeds and similar as discrete data objects. We will not run any user provided javascript, if you need interactive content, it should be served through iframe embeds.

Here's a basic example of how article data can be provided to us:

"id": "...",
"title": "...",
"url": "...",
"summary": "...",
"leadAsset": {
"caption": "...",
"renditions": [
{"name": "large", "width": 0, "height": 0, "url": "..."},
{"name": "medium", "width": 0, "height": 0, "url": "..."}
"body": [
{"type": "html", "content": "<p>...</p><h3>...</h3><p>...</p>"},
{"type": "factbox", "title": "...", "content": "<p>...</p>"},
{"type": "html", "content": "<p>...</p><p>...</p>"},
{"type": "embed", "source": "youtube", "videoId": "...", "embedUrl": "...", "width": 0, "height": 0}

Reading experience

An end-user HTML based reading experience designed to engage your readers with in-depth digital editions is available. Editions are designed for mobile, tablet and desktop experiences.

The Magazine reader will run on your subdomain (i.e. https://mag.customer.com/) and will be integrated to your paywall, your branding (fonts, colors, logo) and, of course, your content .

Get in touch with support@aptoma.com for more information and help to set up.


If you are launching for the first time or re-designing, we need design provided with all specifications included. Feel free to draw the whole front page in a graphical design tool of your choosing for mobile and desktop, as a specification for the below.


  • Font type and color(s)

  • Minimum, default and maximum font sizes

  • Background color(s)


  • Layout compositions needed for the index page (choose from our examples).

  • Design of content marketing articles.

  • Full page ad format(s).

  • List any fixed or flexible widgets in articles (i.e. videos).


If you are publishing subscriber-only content using an established paywall technology, please provide specifications for your subscription paywall tech.