Front Page source editions

Front page editions can set up as source editions for other editions, which lets you have a workflow where items can be prepared. Source editions can't be published, but from source editions can be moved to the target edition either manually by your editors, or automatically according to scheduled publishing times.

Create a source edition

Open a front page product, which may contain one or more editions. Screenshot below has 4 editions within one single front page product. Press the blue ADD EDITION button.

Fill all required fields and press "Is a source edition?", and choose the proper "Target edition".

The "Target edition" dictates on which front page in DrEdition the preparation edition will be available to import from. A source edition may have only one target edition, but a target edition (front page) may have several source editions. Source editions may not be a target of another source edition.

See the Edit front pages chapter for details on how to work with source and target editions.