Located at DrEdition: "Settings" -> "Product"

While we recommend Aptoma setup the first Product(s) for you as part of initial setup of DrEdition, this guide can be useful if you intend to change those Products, or to setup your own.

DrEdition has supports different types of products

  • Frontpage - A list of items with support for groups, used for Front Pages. (use, setup)

  • Magazine - A flat list of items, used for Swipe Editions and Newsletters (use, setup)

  • Print - A print page plan with automated layout and article editing backends. (use, setup)

  • Print legacy - A read-only paged view. As the name suggests, use of this product type is discouraged.

Create a new Product

Go to Products in the left hand menu, and choose Add (this presupposes you have admin-rights).

Get in touch with to get advise on setup options on your specific use-case.

Create new Product.