DrEdition enables editorial staff to curate online Front Pages, Swipe Editions and Newsletters.

While we are actively adding support for more types of editions, only the three aforementioned are currently natively supported.

In it's most basic form DrEdition can be viewed as a tool for retrieving articles from your article database (the "import list" far left on Illustration 1), arranging them into a curated list (the "edition list", second column from the left), editing each item specifically for it's use in this context (third column) and hitting Publish (green button) to make them available in a public API for distribution to readers.

Illustration 1: Basic overview of DrEdition workflow

Any edition in DrEdition is a collection of articles (in reality "items" which can represent anything). All editions belongs to a product. There are different types of products, like "product type: front page" (used for Front Pages) and "product type: magazine" (used for Swipe Editions and Newsletters). Different types of products has similar workflows for editing (left to right, as shown in Illustration 1), but different schema options (third column in Illustration 1) for the editorial staff and different previews (fourth column in Illustration 1).

Simple workflow, with powerful features inside

While DrEdition is simple in it's most basic form, there are a lot of powerful features to make sure it's the most flexible and productive tool available for this purpose, including:

  • Automate curation and publishing of edition

  • Layout automation for Front Pages

  • Automated "area of interest" detection of images

  • Automatically produce a complete responsive design in HTML for Front Pages and Swipe Editions.

  • Editorial staff can at any time override any of the aforementioned automations.

  • Personalization

  • A/B testing on front pages

While DrEdition can be delivered from Aptoma with an opinionated setup, DrEdition is designed to allow a high degree of customisation in how it's setup for your editorial staff. If you want to go off the beaten path and take configuration into your own hands, this can give you great flexibility for adapting DrEdition to your editorial staff's specific requirements, but it also means that there's a few things you need to configure.

Get started quickly, then evolve

The only required setup for DrEdition is plugging in a Content Source — namely a JSON-feed from your article database to allow DrEdition to import articles.

Optional setup options are covered in the Setup Options-section of this documentation.

Once you've set up your content schemas, content sources and Content Queries, you have all you need to get started creating basic products like magazines and front pages.

We advise that we assist with your first product(s) before you evolve from there on your own devices. Get in touch with support@aptoma.com to get started.