SaaS specification

We have designed Aptoma Media Platform SaaS specifications for scalability, availability, security and change. This page specifies the key properties and qualities of the resulting design.

SaaS specifications

Hosting, development, bug-fixing, security patches and upgrades are handled by Aptoma so that you can focus on your core media activities.

Elastic scalability

Our design makes sure the AMP platform scales linearly and predictably in response to actual load. All Aptoma services automatically provision additional hardware as required in response to surges in traffic.

Technology and architecture

We use well-known and well-supported Open Source technologies. The architecture is based on experiences from years of successful hosting configurations deployed at large media groups. We use:

  • Ubuntu Linux

  • Apache

  • Nginx

  • MySQL

  • PHP

  • Varnish

  • Node JS

  • Redis

  • MongoDB

  • Solr

  • AWS Services

Disaster prevention and recovery

Aptoma services are deployed to multiple data centers in order to ensure high availability in the event of power or network outages. Our services will automatically provision additional hardware to make up for lost capacity in the unlikely situation where one data center becomes unavailable.

Support and monitoring

We have 24/7 monitoring and response plans for all our platforms and from all providers.


Is SaaS from Aptoma secure?

All services are protected by restrictive firewall configurations. Communication with backoffice tools and APIs are protected with SSL.

Can we connect our LDAP/AD (or similar) login system?

Yes. This requires setup.

Can we add caches in front of Aptoma SaaS?

Yes. This is quite normal, actually. You are equally welcome to use our load-balancers and caches, as your own. All Aptoma services support configuring webhooks for purging content from your own cache services.

Are you protected against DDOS-attacks?

Yes. Our providers has robust infrastructure and counter-measures in place for DDOS. Any service discrepancies are reported here

What are example sites powered by Aptoma SaaS?

See our product catalog for more information.

How can we monitor your SaaS deliveries?

You can sign up for notifications at and optionally follow our Twitter account

In addition you can receive testable service URLs for your specific services which you can add to your automated test-suites.

What do we do when there are service outages?

Maintenance work periodically requires outages on production services (we'll make sure you’ll know well in advance), and sometimes even distribution services. Historically outages have very rarely been unplanned, and never caused by peak traffic. Regardless of your service hosting model (SaaS or in-house) we recommend you maintain contingency plans with fallback procedures.

Our main provider, Amazon Web Services

Aptoma is an official Amazon Web Services APN Technology Partner.

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